Trends for 2017 – where is technology heading?

Trends for 2017 – where is technology heading?

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In the past years, the world as we know it has suffered various changes. The political, economic and social environment are more and more different, not to mention the technical one. Technology is one of the most dynamic fields there are and its evolution is its only constant. With the first quarter of 2017 already gone, new tendencies are announced by experts. It seems that „innovation” is the word dominating tech trends at the moment and this will continue to shape and create paradigms in the way we communicate, shop, work and do business. Last year, we participated in the development of artificial intelligence, augmented reality or machine learning. These being said, there seems to be no surprise left for 2017. This is wrong – to prove this point, here are some directions and trends to keep an eye on this year:

Digital technology platforms

Taking into consideration that our lives are becoming more and more digital, not only individuals, but also businesses, must become aware of their digital presence and the possibilities this brings. When it comes to the corporate environment, it has been proven with good case practices that digitalizing a business means an increase of popularity, sales and turnover. Needless to say, in 2017, the winners will be those who choose to invest in digital technology platforms that can streamline their business. Among these, the most popular solutions are dedicated to customer experience, analytics, security and operations. A platform that is on point will help companies face their daily challenges, while also increasing productivity and efficiency.

BI and big data

For companies that have to manage great amounts of data, business intelligence and analytics solutions have become a mandatory tool. Make sure you do not mistake the two terms: while big data gives you access to information you did not know you had, business intelligence helps you find answers, identify patterns and solve corporate issues. This is possible by the means of a user friendly dashboard, which makes data visualization available even for those who have limited technical skills. Nowadays, all multinationals base their investments, strategies and even internal operations on concrete data gathered from many sources, and this can only be done, accurately, using a professional BI tool. For this reason, the demand for data management is estimated to grow considerably and constantly in the upcoming months.

Intelligent Apps

In 2016, Artificial Intelligence has managed to become an important sector in the field of technology, and this will not chance in the month to follow. As a consequence, experts forecast a boom in terms of intelligence applications, both for personal and business use. Some of the most popular such apps fall in the category of virtual personal assistant software, since they provide users with concrete benefits, easing their day to day activity. Healthcare, automotive and software are only some of the domains where this kind of digital tools are extremely useful and they will definitely become the value proposition businesses need.