Common questions on helplines and their related answers

Common questions on helplines and their related answers

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According to some recent studies, the number of people who dialled helplines in the last year has significantly increased compared to previous years. However, there are still many people looking for some help to deal with their problems and they either don’t know about the existence of these helplines or they fear someone might judge them by resorting to them. Before calling the Sky Advice help line or any other helpline to get some advice, you should first read the article below to get a clearer idea on what these direct dial contact services are all about.

What exactly is a helpline?

For those who are not familiar with the term, a helpline is a facility, which provides exactly what people in crisis situations need the most – someone to listen to them without judging them. In most cases, these services are provided through a phone line or call-in. It is worth mentioning that some helplines work 24/7, while others have a fixed schedule with fixed working hours.

Why should I call a helpline?

Everyone faces stress and various challenges at some point in their lives and many of them find this extremely difficult to cope with. Some may turn to their families and friends looking for some help, but others believe that if they do so, their loved ones will judge them. This may or may not be true, but in order for these people to feel safer, they should know they can contact a helpline and get the professional advice they were looking for. Another reason to resort to helplines instead of someone you know is that maybe the experience you need help for is too sensitive for you and you don’t want your acquaintances to know about it. Confidentiality is most helplines’ main priority.

Are helplines designed only for crisis situations?

Contrary to what many people believe, helplines are not designed specifically for moments of crisis and they aren’t meant to be used only by those who feel their lives are threatened. Some helplines are there simply to provide information on various aspects such as those related to health issues or any other personal problems. Also, you can use the helpline on behalf of another person if you think they suffer from certain medical conditions or mental health issues.

Are there any alternatives to phone calls to receive help?

Many helplines provide support only through phone calls, but there are others that have thought at other methods to provide people with psychological support and some very good examples are email and face-to-face counselling. Depending on what is more convenient to you, choose the option that suits you best.

What should I expect when calling a helpline?

Well, first you will speak with a volunteer or a counsellor who was trained in this area. Keep in mind that the counsellor is a non-judgemental listener, so there is no need to worry about this aspect. Once you have given them the necessary information, you will be given with the support and advice you need.