Best paid jobs in technology

Best paid jobs in technology

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There is no doubt that the tech industry pays well – this has been settled for quite some time now. So, if you have always been passionate about computers, informatics and programming code, then you should definitely choose a career in this field. There are plenty of options you can select from, ranging from the most technical ones to those oriented towards business and consulting. And since technology seems to be blooming, there will be no shortage of vacancies anytime soon. So, which position titles are the most rewarding, financially wise? What are the hottest tech jobs that will enable you to have the life you always dreamed about? Experience and certifications are clearly important, but so are titles. There are three entries on your brief list, so check them out and start searching for position openings.

Database administrator

Databases may seem like something simple at first glance, but that is only because you are probably thinking about the traditional excel most people know how to use. There are, however, many other similar tools, way more performing and complicated. For this reason, they require a skilled administrator, also called DBA, to filter the information and manage data entry. They normally use dedicated pieces of software for collection and organization, and that also involves specialized knowledge. Among their responsibilities, security, accessibility, maintenance and troubleshooting are worth mentioning.

Business intelligence developer

Business intelligence is definitely the next big thing when it comes to technology and entrepreneurship. Also known as BI, this technology allows people with decision making roles to have easy access to huge amounts of data. Needless to say, those who master the development and implementation of BI solutions make good money, and for good reason. Business intelligence tools provide end to end operations, to facilitate pattern identification and corporate conclusions. All the information is gathered in raw form, then transferred into a warehouse, where it is centralized, sorted out and analyzed.  The final stage of BI is visualization, which means that the most relevant pieces of information are presented via a comprehensive dashboard that can be accessed and used even by users who have no technical knowledge. The outcomes are amazing, and that is why BI developers have some of the best paid tech jobs at the moment.


Last but not least, we should not forget about programmers. This tech job may seem like something quite basic, but it is not at all. Programmers are the people who can “speak” some of the most difficult languages in the world, the ones only computers can understand – programming languages. From C++ to C#, Python to Ruby, SQL to Java, all these are technologies used to build software and only a skilled programmer can master them. And yes, it is as complicated as it sounds, which is why these people are some of the best paid in the tech industry. Together with web developers, software engineers and system analysts, they work to offers us the apps and tools that make our life so easy.