The benefits of cloud web hosting

The benefits of cloud web hosting

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As we are living in a tech era, more and more entrepreneurs turn their attention to cloud-based hosting solutions for their businesses. However, the more popular they become, the more aware people become regarding the pros and cons of using such solutions. However, before learning what benefits using could hosting service might bring you, then you must first become familiar with the entire concept.

1. What is cloud hosting?

When you are thinking about cloud hosting, you must think about your website using several resources for hosting it. This virtually offers all necessary resources for the great functioning of a website, from loading, to security, all on higher levels. Usually a feasible solution for websites that have outgrown their provider’s internal resources, these solutions seem to become more and more popular. Dedicated hosting, the traditional method, requires high levels of know-how, and has restricted resources, while cloud hosting services offer plenty of advantages without being too challenging from any point of view.

2. What benefits does cloud hosting bring?

Many are still unaware regarding the great advantages that cloud hosting might bring. Below are some of those.

  • Scalability – with cloud hosting, you can use as many resources as you need, while your website grows and develops. Oftentimes, clients are asked to imagine a group of clouds that support its proper functioning. When your website becomes busier than usual, you can bring more clouds to support it, and this, results in a more feasible solution for all businesses out there. Imagine a website that will never crash due to a larger volume of visitors.
  • Cost efficiency – because with cloud hosting you are only paying for what you use, this comes as a great improvement in terms of cost effectiveness. If, for instance, you are running a web shop, and it becomes considerably busier around the sales period, or around certain holidays, you can simply invest in additional clouds when in need, and afterwards set them free. With dedicated hosting solutions, when you need a larger server, your only solution is to move upwards to a larger server, which might not be necessary all around the year. This becomes shortly a bad investment.
  • Immediacy – this is yet another great advantage brought by using cloud hosting services. For instance, if you need additional resources on a dedicated server, you must first wait for the customer service department to respond to your inquiry. Also, your request might not be satisfied, as you expect it, even worse, it might be suspended for degrading offered by the server to other websites. However, with cloud hosting services, you can have as many additional clouds as you need, as soon as you need them.

These are some of the benefits that result from using cloud hosting services, explained in a friendly and accessible fashion. If you feel that your website is growing fast and it might soon outgrow the resources offered by a dedicated server, switch to this alternative since it seems to be one of the most flexible out there.

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Common questions on helplines and their related answers

Common questions on helplines and their related answers

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According to some recent studies, the number of people who dialled helplines in the last year has significantly increased compared to previous years. However, there are still many people looking for some help to deal with their problems and they either don’t know about the existence of these helplines or they fear someone might judge them by resorting to them. Before calling the Sky Advice help line or any other helpline to get some advice, you should first read the article below to get a clearer idea on what these direct dial contact services are all about.

What exactly is a helpline?

For those who are not familiar with the term, a helpline is a facility, which provides exactly what people in crisis situations need the most – someone to listen to them without judging them. In most cases, these services are provided through a phone line or call-in. It is worth mentioning that some helplines work 24/7, while others have a fixed schedule with fixed working hours.

Why should I call a helpline?

Everyone faces stress and various challenges at some point in their lives and many of them find this extremely difficult to cope with. Some may turn to their families and friends looking for some help, but others believe that if they do so, their loved ones will judge them. This may or may not be true, but in order for these people to feel safer, they should know they can contact a helpline and get the professional advice they were looking for. Another reason to resort to helplines instead of someone you know is that maybe the experience you need help for is too sensitive for you and you don’t want your acquaintances to know about it. Confidentiality is most helplines’ main priority.

Are helplines designed only for crisis situations?

Contrary to what many people believe, helplines are not designed specifically for moments of crisis and they aren’t meant to be used only by those who feel their lives are threatened. Some helplines are there simply to provide information on various aspects such as those related to health issues or any other personal problems. Also, you can use the helpline on behalf of another person if you think they suffer from certain medical conditions or mental health issues.

Are there any alternatives to phone calls to receive help?

Many helplines provide support only through phone calls, but there are others that have thought at other methods to provide people with psychological support and some very good examples are email and face-to-face counselling. Depending on what is more convenient to you, choose the option that suits you best.

What should I expect when calling a helpline?

Well, first you will speak with a volunteer or a counsellor who was trained in this area. Keep in mind that the counsellor is a non-judgemental listener, so there is no need to worry about this aspect. Once you have given them the necessary information, you will be given with the support and advice you need.

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Advantages of using a screen protector on your phone

Advantages of using a screen protector on your phone

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Everyone wants an Apple iPhone. The reason why this smartphone is so popular is that it has a solid construction and superior software. The Apple iPhone is highly-priced, so not everyone can afford one. You have to save for months at an end to be able to buy this smartphone. Yet, you have managed to put money aside and make your dream of owning an iPhone come true. Now, you have to protect your investment. A great way of protecting the value of your phone is using a screen protector. Does your smartphone need a screen protector considering that it has a Gorilla Glass cover? Yes, it does. The cover may be able to withstand wear and tear, but it is not unbreakable. Visit today and buy a screen protector. These are the main advantages of using a screen saver on your phone.

Better feel and visibility

Tempered glass is highly durable. What you may have not known is that it is pleasant to the touch. To be more precise, tempered glass has a good feel. It will not feel like glass on your iPhone. On the contrary, it will fell as if there is nothing covering your phone. Fingerprints and smudges can be easily erased. The glass repels the oil from your finger as well as stains. You have a better outdoor visibility too. The screen protector does not increase the glare, as long as it is installed properly.

Instant look update

Screen protectors serve only one purpose, right? They prevent the cover from deteriorating. Wrong. Screen protectors improve aesthetics too. When you are not using your iPhone, the tempered glass creates a finish very similar to a mirror. You can use the smartphone to check the way you look or to get something out of your eye. When the phone is functioning, the screen protector will be hardly noticeable. You will confuse it with the actual screen. It is as invisible as possible.

No UV damage

You would be tempted to think that UV only damages your skin. You have not even imagined that sunrays can affect your iPhone. Well, they can. Because of UV rays, you can no longer see anything on the screen, so using your phone is out of the question.  However, if you use a protector screen, you do not have to worry about things like UV damage.

Enhancement of privacy

Would it not be nice to enjoy a little bit of privacy when you are checking your phone? If you have a screen protector, you do not have to worry that others will see what you are doing on your iPhone. The information is visible only to you, meaning the person who is sitting in front of the screen. No matter if you tilt the phone, your information will be safe from prying eyes. What happens is that the data is concealed, so only the user has access to it. You may not be a business person, but this does not mean that you cannot benefit from a screen protector.

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Consider these aspects before you start shopping for accounting software

Consider these aspects before you start shopping for accounting software

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As a business person, you agree that accounting is a crucial element for your company. In order to reach success, it is essential you have everything in order when it comes to the accounting department. You probably agree that accounting tasks are not easy to handle, not even for someone with vast experience in the domain. Doing the tasks manually can take a great deal of time and money, which is why you should reorient to computerized accounting systems, such as MYOB Premium Plus from a1corp. Before you buy a specific system though, take a look at these aspects mentioned below.

Consider your budget

Although you should not make a decision solely based on price, it is known that the budget has a major influence when making such business decisions. The market provides a variety of off-the-shelf programs and one of them was already mentioned above – MYOB. They come at affordable prices that can perfect fit within your company’s budget, especially if it is a small or a medium-sized one.

Off-the-shelf or bespoke?

Once you have established your budget limitations, it is time you focus more on what features you want your software to include. As it was suggested, you can go for an off-the-shelf product, especially if you find one that matches your needs. Otherwise, consider searching for a company that can provide you with bespoke accounting software that is specifically designed to meet your requirements. Keep in mind though that for this you will have to pay more money, so ensure your budget allows first before making any decision.

Reach out to various software consultants and businesses

It is recommended you ask around and find out what other companies operating in the same industry as you utilize when it comes to accounting software. Learn what they have to say about various computerized accounting systems to make a clearer idea on them and to be easier for you to make a decision. Business association meetings offer the perfect opportunity for you to have a talk with other business persons on this subject.

Establish your wish list

You have made an idea on what others look for in accounting software. Now, it is time to sit down and create your own wish list. Document what exactly you want the system to do for you, what features it should have and so on. To make your job even easier, you can browse the Internet and take a closer look on the most popular software vendors’ websites, as there are high chances you will find there detailed lists on what their programs are capable of doing. Also, you should read some objective reviews on trust-worthy specialized websites.

Considering these aspects mentioned above, it is time to make your decision. Make sure the computerized accounting system you opt for matches your company’s budget, meets or even exceeds your requirements and expectations and is easy to use. Keep in mind that you may have to send some of your employees to training courses in order for them to learn how to utilize the software, so be prepared for these costs as well.

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Tech details you should know before starting a blog

Tech details you should know before starting a blog

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Blogging may seem like something easy to do, but this is not actually true. There are so many things you should learn, and as you already know, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  This means that if your dream is to become a successful person in the blogging world, you need to start doing your homework. Being creative and connected to reality is not always enough – you should also have some business and technical knowledge. And since first things first, the initial stage of your blogging project is building the web page per se. Here are some relevant elements for you to keep in mind:

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