Are you a blogger? Here is how to successfully promote your website

Are you a blogger? Here is how to successfully promote your website

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The sun is shining, the angels are signing, and numerous readers are about to visit your website. Your blog is your baby and you do your best to grow it to become a blog visited by thousands of readers. But you may be in a point when nothing happens. There are no visitors interested in your content, and you do not understand what is wrong with your articles. You have to understand that you have launched your blog on the internet where millions of other similar websites exist. Readers do not know that there is a new website launched that could offer them valuable information. But you should not have your dream shattered. This is the moment when you roll up your sleeves and start working to build traffic to your blog. You have to understand what blogging requires, what social marketing involves, and how you can reach to possible customers.


Your articles should scream “Share me”

The most important part of a blog is the content. You should not post average articles, because the purpose is your articles to stand out and make your blog worthy to grow in Google ranks. Before starting to write your articles you should check what other websites from the same niche post, because you will have to do your best to write a better content than they do. You should make your website the “go to” resource from your niche. It is important your articles to address your readers’ issues and offer them solutions to the problems they experience.

Promote your blog through traditional means

Just because you have an online business, it does not mean that you should not promote it through traditional means. You can offer people promotional products like umbrellas that have the name of your blog written on them. Why umbrellas? Because it is one of the items people do not throw away if they receive it for free. They will definitely need it during rainy days, and they will consider it a useful gift. When a person uses an umbrella with the name of a website written on it, the others who see them, will be curious to find out more about that brand. So the result will be that you will grow the traffic on your website. Just think how many people will see your umbrellas around town on a single day.

Always share your activity on Facebook

You should share on Facebook not only your articles but also your actions to promote the blog. When you offer as gifts umbrellas you can organise a contest. Offer branded umbrellas to the persons who receive the largest number of likes to one of your articles. This action will bring buzz around your website, because readers know that they have the possibility to receive a gift if they read your blog. Even if you do not have numerous Facebook followers you should still share your actions and posts, because in time the followership will grow. And if you organise a giveaway contest you will definitely grow the number of the followers fast.